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The Guidelines have been developed to recognise the importance of good resilience planning in the electricity supply industry.



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The Guidelines have been developed by the EEA Asset Management Group, recognising the importance of good resilience planning in the electricity supply industry. Good resilience planning supports effective management of issues arising from major emergency events such as natural disasters large earthquakes, extreme weather events and other extreme events such as major supply interruptions which could be due to equipment failure, terrorism or cyber-attack and also the impact of pandemics which , in 2020 demonstrated ( Covid-19) can potentially impact on the availability of all operational staff working in the Electricity Supply Industry. Although this guide is focused on the impact of major emergency events on network assets, the principles of resilience management covered in this guide may also be beneficially applied to other business vulnerability impacts such as significant financial recessions and customer owned embedded generation technology.

Major events, which damage networks, have the potential to severely disrupt power supply to customers, which can have substantial economic impacts, as well as causing social disruption and raising public safety issues for whole communities.

A number of Government agencies have actively sought to understand the current resilience management maturity of a range of New Zealand infrastructure operators. They have carried out high-level reviews with the aim of promoting improved preparedness and the development of good industry practice.

With this in mind, this resilience guide was developed to cover the principles of emergency management preparedness and to provide a practical self-assessment tool that enables EDBs and other EEA members to rate their organisation’s degree of overall resilience. The assessment tool has been structured around the 4R’s framework as defined in National CDEM Plan Order.

The content of this guideline has been update in July 2022 and now includes a self-assessment scoring spreadsheet that provides management reporting, the spreadsheet is available when purchasing the guide.

Guide contents are monitored and feedback is taken into consideration resulting in revisions periodically.

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