Security of supply in NZ electricity networks (Guide)

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The Guide describe levels of security of supply generally considered appropriate for electricity networks in New Zealand.



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The existing EEA Guidelines for Security of Supply in New Zealand Electricity Networks has been reviewed and updated by the EEA Asset Management Group (AMG).

The Guide describe levels of security of supply generally considered appropriate for electricity networks in New Zealand. It is not intended to be mandatory but, in the opinion of EEA, is considered to be good practice for application by the electricity supply industry in New Zealand.

First published in June 2000, the objective of the document is to help system planners plan their networks in an optimal manner with the overall objective of attaining efficient resource allocation in the electricity supply sector, an appropriate level of customer service and public safety. It also provides a yardstick against which customers, energy retailers and Regulators can measure the appropriateness of investments made in the electricity networks in their supply chain. The document also helps achieve a high standard of system planning throughout the country, again helping achieve overall economic efficiency objectives.

The Guide review process began in late 2010, but was delayed to allow for the completion of the investigation into the Value of Lost Load (VoLL) being carried out on behalf of the Electricity Authority. Whilst the investigation provided some updated insights on the values to be assigned for VoLL, it also identified that further research was desirable, particularly to develop values for VoLL for situations other than Grid reinforcement.

The impact of the Canterbury earthquakes has also been considered in the review, primarily in relation to the resilience of network architecture and the need to restore supply after such major events.

The Guide revision also took into account new published international research and experience and feedback from New Zealand networks and other stakeholders. The principal adjustment in this regard has been the modification of the group loads at which the normal security of supply criteria apply in order to ensure that major centres of commerce and industry in New Zealand fall within a suitably reliable category of supply.

The new Guide will be monitored by the EEA Asset Management Group and any comments on the document should be sent to