Work on De-Energised Distribution Overhead Lines Guide

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Changes from the 2021 version (issue 5) to the 2024 version (issue 6).

  • The inclusion of requirements for LV Access Permits to either have LV bonds applied or a LV task specific procedure implemented.
  • Information relating to the application and positioning of LV bonds.

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The safety rules (Safety Manual – Electricity Industry (SM-EI)) for the New Zealand electricity, generation, transmission, and distribution industry set down the safety rules to be followed when isolating, testing, earthing or applying of low voltage (LV) bonds to electrical conductors or apparatus in general, and overhead lines in particular.

This guide to Work on De-Energised Distribution Overhead Lines provides information additional to the safety rules to assist electricity industry lines employees in achieving the requirements of the safety rules for a range of situations and associated aspects that may be encountered on distribution overhead lines.